Tom Dixon

Content Marketer | Content Strategist 
Specializing in interview-based thought leadership and lead-gen assets like case studies, white papers, ebooks.

What I Do

A journalistic sensibility forms the bedrock of my content writing approach. It's where I learned how to research, interview and write on tight deadlines.

As a senior communications specialist and content marketing manager for the State of Wyoming's economic development agency, I learned how to turn complicated ideas into compelling narratives for a diverse audience ranging from governors and farmers to entrepreneurs and foreign diplomats.

I seek out and raise up the voices people need to hear. Every piece is focused on how it will benefit the reader.

As a senior content marketing manager at Animalz, I led content strategy creation, ideation, client communications, content writing and reporting for Fortune 500 companies like NCR and Automattic, and B2B SaaS firms like GoDaddy, Intapp, Amplitude, Brightflag, and Webflow.

The format varies - I have experience writing longform blog posts, case studies, ebooks, whitepapers, social media posts and even the occasional video - but the goal remains the same. I'm here to tell a great story. Your story.